What makes us unique

1 Let's go for the stars!

  • Did you say SoyHuCe? Nicolas Guy, a graduate of the Estaca engineering school, founded SoyHuCe in 2013 with a wink to the Soyuz rocket, and since then has been pushing his teams and customers to aim for the stars! SoyHuCe's immediate ambition was to develop innovative solutions that guarantee success for our customers. Based on this determination, we started the adventure with the Wikigo application, winner of the Normandy region's innovation contest. Very quickly, our agency became specialized in algorithmic, data and digital projects.
  • Since 2015, our teams devote 30% of their time to research and development. It is this asset that has allowed us to develop solutions such as AlgoRH or OctoData.
  • In 2019, a global player, leader in its sector, acquires a stake in SoyHuCe and brings with it a multitude of new projects, each one more exciting than the last. At the end of 2019, SoyHuCe opens new offices in Paris and continues its development, notably thanks to its status as a young innovative company (J.E.I. -). The latter is intended for independent SMEs that carry out research work.

2 Succeed together

  • Oe

    Operational efficiency

  • le

    Innovation and excellence

  • Vi


  • Cs

    Client Success

Your success is our success!
We do our very best to build a long-lasting and satisfying relationship with you. We are fortunate to be able to offer our clients the expertise of a dedicated and passionate team.
Each customer is unique and we adapt the project management to your needs and constraints.

3 At SoyHuCe

  • The technical teams have R&D time to innovate and imagine your future projects.
  • We guarantee a unique and adapted approach to an environment for POCs and their industrialization.
  • You are part of the project and this in compliance with Agile, Scrum or sequential methods.
  • Transversal piloting with the creation and updating of your backlog as well as the implementation of numerous control points throughout the project.
  • Transparency and visibility are an integral part of our values.