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Digital Factory

Aiming for the success of your digital transformation projects
For SoyHuCe, digital transformation means identifying and activating our customers' new growth levers. It means studying, advising, creating innovative solutions adapted to your needs whatever your sector. To achieve this goal, we offer several digital services and support dedicated to you and your teams.

Digital expertises

Design Thinking
Custom development
E-commerce Solution
Digital strategy and transformation

Technologies used

Data Factory

Let's talk about Data performance
SoyHuCe contributes to the digital transformation of companies by helping them to understand and qualify their data.
Although a complex and difficult to measure subject, data is one of the most powerful digital levers identified in recent years.

Our Data teams develop solutions based on technological excellence to support you at every stage: storing, accessing, analyzing, securing and enhancing the value of your data.
At the heart of our success: the immersion of our teams in your business activities and your sector.

Data expertises

Data science
Data analytics
Big Data
Data visualization
Data Engineering
Data Architecture
Public Cloud

Technologies used

Algorithms Laboratory

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence to improve performance
The power of Data doesn't stop at the simple act of retrieving relevant data, but also requires in-depth knowledge of the use that will be made of it. Its expertise in modeling techniques and algorithm development has enabled SoyHuCe to position itself as a strong player in this sector. Data Science allows you to transform your data into valuable information that will respond to your most complex business issues. Add value to your digital and data assets thanks to artificial intelligence and our algorithms.

Algorithmic expertises

Algorithmic expertise
R & D
Optimization under constraints
Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning

Technologies used