Par Soyhuce

#2 Chronotopia

Par Soyhuce

#2 Chronotopia

Have you ever heard of chronotopia?

The word “Chronotopia” comes from the ancient Greek χρόνος, khrónos (meaning “time”) and the ancient Greek τόπος (meaning “place”).

A chronotopic space is considered to accommodate different uses according to temporality. Chronotopia allows for the interpretation of contemporary spatialities in relation to their temporalities. An example is the main square of a village, which can be used as a parking lot or a market depending on the day of the week.


The development of space in the era of time

One can think that the adaptability of a large company can be stronger than that of a start-up… The needs of companies change and evolve throughout the year, depending on external events that occur.

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), COVID-19, has changed the world and the way we work.

While telecommuting remains the preferred option and should be implemented whenever possible, the occasional or periodic physical presence of telecommuters, when necessary, should be organized in a way that is staggered to limit the number of employees joining the company simultaneously.

When telework is not possible, each employee must have a space of at least 4m², including for circulation, and the maximum number of people per room must be respected.

In this context, the optimization of the space available to the company according to the time of presence of employees in the offices and the number of people present is essential in order to respect the health measures imposed by the government.

ALGORH, our intelligent planning management tool, to help you

AlgoRH allows you to automatically calculate schedules:

Conform to the planning rules you define
Meets staffing requirements
Co-constructed with the employees in charge of customer relations

Our tool allows you to anticipate the sizing and allocation of work spaces according to the presence of your employees.

Ensure the presence of your employees on your site according to their expectations, their needs and the constraints of hourly gauges
Take into account the wishes and needs of your employees, for a transparent decision
Anticipate the arrival of your employees on site for a better management of your requirements
Adapt to your needs

The needs of companies change and evolve throughout the year, depending on external events that occur. All the more reason, in this context of Covid, to control and foresee the occupation of your professional spaces according to the presence of your collaborators is a crucial stake.

Chronotopy can be orchestrated by AlgoRH, so trust us!