Design and creation of an automatic quotation generation application

Design and creation of an automatic quotation generation application

Type of project


  • MVP solutions (further developments in progress);
  • Technical documentation;
  • Digital marketing recommendations (SEO, SEA);
  • Graphic charter of the bodywork;
  • Body shop website;
  • The solution for generating tailor-made quotes.


Context and issues


  • Development of an application allowing a customer to automatically generate an estimate by taking a picture of a bodywork damage ;
  • Redesign of the commercial site and the graphic identity for a better acquisition of prospects (SEO issues, adwords, customer journey).



Missions carried out


  • Solution for creating quotes for a body shop based on photos of potential customers;
  • Feasibility study for the use of Artificial Intelligence to solve the problem, monitoring solutions and state of the art;
  • Feasibility study data science for Machine Learning algorithm, classification of images;
  • Identification of the lack of available data to respond to the specificity of the business and especially the costs of repairs specific to the skills of employees and internal organization;
  • Work on an intermediate solution to meet the expectations of improving internal organization while capitalizing on data recovery;
  • Benchmarking of tools to label images, selection of the most suitable solution and development of optimizations to simplify the work of data labeling for the modeling stage in supervised learning;
  • Preparation of Deep Learning algorithms based on images and models to be used, which will have to be refined on the final dataset, including a pre-processing phase. The modeling gives good results but must be adapted to the criticality levels of the client who will feed these dataset.