Simple and powerful solutions


reveal the potential of your data

OctoData is the ready-to-use Big Data technology orchestration platform, dedicated to the valorisation of massive corporate data.
Designed to solve an infinite number of use cases, the OctoData platform is aimed at all types of companies. Thus, whether your marketing department needs to analyze its customer data or your company wants to make maintenance predictions, the exploitation of your data is ensured by OctoData and our dedicated teams.

Our Data experts will help you to program your learning machine models, your processing pipelines or to automate your reporting.
Data processed in OctoData can come from databases or be retrieved in real time. The numerous technologies associated to the platform allow to perform complex calculations in a limited time to increase the performance of organizations.


The webapp of tourist and event itineraries

iStorypath is a customizable and contextualized digital tourist guide.
Web application, iStoryPath allows users to design their itinerary according to the points of interest they wish to visit, their time constraints and their mode of transportation. The application then generates his route in real time.

No mobile application installation is required, making it easy to use. The platform also offers the possibility of adding dynamic multimedia content.
For even more simplicity, the user retrieves his route directly on his mobile phone or via a touch table thanks to contactless technology (NFC) or QR code.

The application accompanies the user to certain places promoted by the city and thus offers local authorities information on tourist habits to optimize territorial marketing.
iStorypath is a cutting-edge technology at the service of heritage, allowing people to discover the territory in a different way.


optimize the schedules of your employees

An intelligent planning management tool,
AlgoRH takes into account legal constraints, business rules as well as staffing needs. Its powerful algorithm generates optimized schedules by listening to employees and allowing them to submit their preferences. Real ally in planning, AlgoRH calculates schedules quickly, allowing managers to free up their time.

It also influences the well-being of employees and makes managerial relations more fluid thanks to ethical arbitration, ensuring the creation of fair and equitable schedules.
The solution was initially developed to solve the planning issues of Customer Relationship Centers. Customizable and configurable, it adapts to your business requirements.


making the city smart and civic-minded

The initiative of the City2gether mobile application is to put people back at the heart of the city's issues, allowing everyone to play a role. A smart city is a city that is rethought every day by its inhabitants.
The goal of City2gether is therefore to put the inhabitants in direct and interactive contact with their communities.

This new approach to collaborative citizenship uses an essential raw material: data which, when aggregated with other data, contributes to the advent of a new city: the "Smart city" or intelligent city.
For example, communities can submit surveys, transmit news... and residents can respond, make statements, access improved service...