Par Soyhuce

#1 How to support companies with the digital transformation?

Par Soyhuce

#1 How to support companies with the digital transformation?

We often hear about “digital transformation”. This is a phenomenon for companies and the world of work as well as for society in general. But what does this evolution really consist of and what are its implications?


“Siri, what is digital transformation”?

Siri is a voice-controlled computer application that understands the verbal instructions given by users and responds to their requests. The technology of bots – automated conversation software – allows to satisfy the quest for information of customers and consumers. Ask the question, you will get the answer. But this example is just a small sample, because digital transformation is indeed affecting almost every industry.


“Siri, how do I start a digital transformation”?

Several methods can be used in order to fully succeed in a digital transformation for a company, regardless of the sector of activity.


At Soyhuce, we have two main steps. The first is raising awareness of the stakes and impacts of digital; mastering the subject to better tame it.


  • Discover and lay the foundations of new existing practices;
  • Understanding data, connected objects and cloud computing;
  • Measuring the impact of digital technology on your business;
  • Appropriate social media.


Awareness of the digital world allows you to better discover and understand the impact of digital on today’s world. It is then necessary to clearly define the work base.


The first impact of the digital transformation lies in the continuous revision of user interactions that it brings:


  • The contents of the channels for exchanging and sharing information between stakeholders.
  • New support tools adapted to this interaction.


Companies are under tremendous pressure with the important collection of data, coming from the increase of IoT. To understand the future of digital, it is necessary to understand which products and technologies will take centre stage in the coming years.


Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping are the second step for digital transformation. Reinventing a model, imagining how digital can become a new growth medium, giving room for dreams and frustrations.


The question is no longer whether or not a digital transformation is needed, but rather how do we go about it? The question is then to define which services can satisfy these dreams and respond to the frustrations. Once these elements are realised, it will be a matter of finalising the whole thing and putting in place a concrete roadmap.


How to initiate a digital transformation process that brings value and generates performance ?

The company needs to define its digital target and its future digital skills. It must also analyse the gaps between its current resources and the resources needed in digital skills. Thus, it will be able to define and implement its roadmap to develop its digital capital.


We have been implementing it for several years with French companies through the BPI. Like her, entrust us with your project.